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EDWARDS HOMES is a business founded on and committed to customer service. The entire business model upon which we operate has the focus on our customer — which is you the homebuyer.

EDWARDS HOMES service program represents the rigorous standards of customer satisfaction practiced throughout the company. Our problem-solving policy makes every effort to resolve homeowner concerns easily, efficiently and effectively.

It is the company's goal to resolve claims as quickly as posible.

With a New Home, you will be the First owner. It will have modern appliances that are more energy efficient. You will also have a warranty for peace of mind. You may find it easier to get to know your neighbors, and not have to wonder what needs to be fixed, or what might break after your purchase.
With renting, you are bound by a contract. You will be paying rent that does not build up equity. You cannot modify the home to your taste without approvals. Getting issues fixed can be a hassle at times. Your monthly rent might go up as the market dictates, and is not tax-deductable. In owning a home, it will be yours. Your payments stay the same. Moreover, the house is YOURS to do as you please with it.
This is a function of your budget, and your family’s needs. Building a custom home is one of the most costly choices, as it is like buying a fine art piece, a one of a kind. Often, when you sort out how many rooms you need, their optimal size and function, and the location where you want to live, a number of homes can be personalized to fit your needs, at a far lower price. This is due to the fact that the sub-trades and suppliers have a better handle on their actual costs and the speed at which they can work. Repetition helps them be more efficient, thus saving you more money.
First you will select the home you wish to purchase. You will then either pay in cash, or secure financing through a mortgage lender. Then you must arrange for home owners insurance coverage. Lastly, you will go through the Closing process, and you will be done with the process.
The EDWARDS HOMES Limited Warranty ("Warranty") is the warranty provided to all new homeowners. It is contained in a warranty booklet handed out prior to construction.
Copies of the Warranty are available from your EDWARDS HOMES Sales Representative and Customer Service Representative.
You should receive the Warranty when you sign your purchase agreement.
Yes, simply ask your Sales Representative to provide you with a copy of the Warranty anytime.
EDWARDS HOMES makes every effort to reasonably resolve each homeowner Warranty claim before it ever becomes a dispute. However, if a EDWARDS homeowner has a dispute covered by the Warranty that we cannot resolve, the Warranty contains provisions for resolving the dispute. Those provisions require any unresolved Warranty dispute to be referred to arbitration with the Better Business Bureau.



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Buying a used home means inheriting someone else's idea of style and taste. But with a new home, you create a home that's everything you want and more. Just the way you want the day you move in. Check out our thoughts on why we believe buying a brand new home is better than buying a used home.

For more than 30 years EDWARDS HOMES have been commited to helping people have a successful home building experience.