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Why should I choose an EDWARDS HOME over a used home?

An EDWARDS HOME typically offers:

  • More insulation, better energy efficiency (which means lower utility bills).
  • Brand-new appliances.
  • Warranties that cover your new home from the foundation to the fireplace.

A NEW EDWARDS HOME typically offers:

  • Is ready for you to move into without the hassles of repainting and cleaning.
  • Contains many current innovations in building, so you won't have to worry about past dangers like asbestos or lead paint.
  • Is Built to last. And, when you're part of the building process from the foundation to the roof, and see all the latest technologies being used, you can feel more secure.
  • Your new EDWARDS HOME is built just for you from the ground up. It reflects your personal tastes, not someone else's tastes that may be outdated. Imagine the possibilities.

In a NEW home:

  • You will be the first person to walk on the carpet, cook on the stove and barbecue in the backyard. You can relax and enjoy your home instead of using your free time for fixer-upper repairs.
  • New homes are usually more energy efficient.
  • You have the option of wiring for today's (and future) technology. Everything from automatic bread-makers to personal computers to large screen TVs can sometimes tax an older home's electrical system beyond its limits.
  • You can move into your home, designed by you, when it's completed. You won't be saddled with last-minute inspections and surprises after escrow, which often happens with a used home.
  • It's often easier to get to know your neighbors - you all have your new neighborhood in common.
  • You have the peace of mind of a limited warranty, something you won't get when you buy a used home.

We take pride in building beautiful new homes, and we look forward to building the one home that really matters — yours.



Not sure if buying a new home is right for you? These thoughts help you understand the distinct advantages of homeownership.


Buying a used home means inheriting someone else's idea of style and taste. But with a new home, you create a home that's everything you want and more. Just the way you want the day you move in. Check out our thoughts on why we believe buying a brand new home is better than buying a used home.

With special attention to Value, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction, our aim is to produce a competitively priced product complete with a comprehensive after-sales service and warranty program.