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You've made a wonderful and exciting decision to buy a brand-new EDWARDS HOME. As you move forward through each phase of the building process, our EDWARDS HOMES team will work side-by-side with you to make sure you understand and are prepared for each step of new home ownership. It's all part of our absolute commitment to offering the highest quality service. Making sure you get the home you want, just the way you want it!

Finding the Right Home

It's the first step in the exciting process of owning your new home. You've chosen a wonderful building homesite. Now you can pick a great floor plan. A salesperson will assist you in choosing a homesite or discuss future availability.

At this time, one of our preferred lenders can prequalify you for a loan amount. This is extremely helpful because now you'll have an idea of how much home you can afford!

Completing your purchase agreement

An appointment will be set to complete your purchase agreement. The meeting will last two to three hours. You'll want to bring your checkbook. You'll receive your Homeowner Manual at this time, to help guide you through the process.

Because the homebuying process consists of numerous details, we encourage you to ask any questions along the way. We want to keep you informed and aware of all phases and requirements of the homebuilding process. By paying close attention to the details, you'll be a well-informed homebuyer!

At this time, studio personnel will contact you to set your appointment with EDWARDS Design Studio-where you'll pick your favorite personalizing options. We encourage you to browse the decor options at the Studio prior to your appointment.

You'll also receive various handouts that provide details on making your homebuying experience even easier with EDWARDS HOMES.

You're approved!

At this point, you've moved from prequalification to the final loan approval for your new home. Approval is required within 30 days of signing the Purchase Agreement. Please consult with your home loan consultant if you are planning any changes to your financial profile. Remember, along the way, your home loan consultant may request updated information. A Note: We recommend that all other purchases be held off till you have closed on your home. For example - Buying a new car during construction is usually not recommended. Please check with your loan consultant before making these type of decisions. Locking Your Rate - have your home loan consultant lock in your interest rate and forward loan documents to the title company a minimum of 60 days prior to homeowner orientation.

Building Excitement - Preconstruction Meeting Set

The day to start building your new home has arrived! You'll have a preconstruction meeting with a superintendent who will provide details on what you can expect during each phase of building. The superintendent will also review your options and answer any questions. Here are some helpful tips to remember for your visit:

  • Set aside 30-60 minutes.
  • Give yourself time to arrive and begin on time.

Construction Site Meeting

Your home has been framed and is ready for drywall. Electrical has been added and plumbing & heating ducts are in place. It's time again to tour the building site. Like the preconstruction meeting, this will take 30-60 minutes. You should take the some safety precautions, which include wearing closed-toe shoes. Plus, make sure to bring your options contract in case you need to go over any final details.

Preparing For Closing On Your New Home

Your new home is close to being finished! This is an important time to:

  • Set your appointment to sign closing documents.
  • Create or transfer accounts with your utility companies.
  • Obtain homeowners insurance.

We'll schedule your Homeowner Orientation Walkthrough appointment. Please review this section in your Homeowners Manual before your Orientation appointment so we can answer any questions you may have. We will notify you promptly if the Orientation has to be rescheduled for any reason.

Getting to know your home

Your Homeowner Orientation will take approximately two one hour. Please arrive early to make sure we can begin your orientation on time. Also, have your Homeowner Manual and disclosures available to review with your EDWARDS HOME representative.

Signing The Closing Papers And You Get Your Keys

As you get closer to finally owning your brand-new home, you'll meet with the title company representative. This appointment will take approximately one hour. It is important to bring:

  • Cashier's check made payable to yourself, which you will sign over during the closing.
  • Valid driver's license or passport.

THE BIG DAY HAS ARRIVED! At closing, you will receive the keys to your new EDWARDS HOME!



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Although we allow you to personalize your home to meet your specific needs, we also work to help you minimize unnecessary changes.